A Meditation on Psalm 103

worship(Take a moment to read Psalm 103.) Perhaps more often than we are used to doing it, we should unashamedly sound forth a resounding “Hallelujah.” With unblushing faces we should shout out the blessing of our God. Whatever the deep feeling that each of us may cherish within our souls, let us realize anew that the redeemed are to say so. Christian faith is not designed to be a silent and hidden treasure. It is a jewel to be displayed for the glory of God. Our good works are to be done before men and our light is to shine, not for men’s praise, but to praise the Lord. He is the Master-workman Who works in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure. Psalm 103 is part of inspired Scripture which elicits from us the note of hilarious praise. There are no neutral sections within the anatomy of the soul where God’s praise is absent. All that is within me: my mind, my emotions and will, and whatever faculties are lodged within God’s creative handiwork, are to burst forth in blessing to our God. We know by faith that God is infinite, eternal and unchangeable in His attributes. This is sufficient ground for us to express praise, but when we recount the benefits God has bestowed is there not a bubbling up of adoration and thanksgiving which nothing should restrain? When we pause to think of sins forgiven and at last all diseases healed; when we ponder the rescue from destruction and the crowning of lovingkindness and tender mercies; when we remember with satisfaction the discovered good things and the renewal of strength as the eagle gathers in it’s mountainous flight, how can we resist joining David with “Bless the Lord, O my soul”? It is the Lord Who is the execution of righteousness and Who justifies us by the imputation of the righteousness of Christ to our account. Yes, let my soul burst forth in joyful lays in the contemplation of sovereign grace. In a world gone mad in its sin and misery, ever ripe for the judgment of God, let us be glad that God takes note of the oppressed who cry day and night for his response. In a world suffocating in its reliance on its own ability to fathom the secrets of life we treasure the revelation God has given to Moses. We shall measure our song by the law and testimonies and grasp all of Scripture which unfolds the meaning and implications of what God revealed to Moses. Let us be deeply moved to Spirit-led utterance when we see the redeeming acts of God. It is impossible for us to remain quiet in the light of sins forgiven and wrath diverted from us to His beloved Son. This is not just a momentary pardon, but a separation from our sins that eternity can never bridge. When we think of God’s fatherly kindness and pity toward His children; when we are aware of the lifting of the curse that fell upon Adam and his posterity so that the dust has but a momentary apparent victory, we wait with exhilaration the final victory when Christ returns to call His own from their respective dust. And then we shall bless the Lord for His everlasting mercy in the atmosphere that will be free from the groans and sighs which mark our wilderness journey. The covenant keepers will be resplendent and angel voices will join the harmonious anthems of victory and blessing. At last the new world of created things will clap its hands and shake with joy as the reverberations of the saints’ triumphant songs ripple everywhere. Yes, bless the Lord, O my soul — even now!]]>