Just Stop It?

“Just Stop It!” Wouldn’t it be great if overcoming our sins and our struggles was as easy as simply telling ourselves not to do it? This sketch of Bob Newhart as therapist is funny, but unfortunately, hits very close to home for most of us. How many times has the voice of our inner critic and our accuser yelled “Stop It” when we struggle with our issues? How often have we pictured God as being angry and disappointed with us because of our sin…sitting across the desk yelling “Stop It! When will you get your act together?” For years I lived under the “if I know better I should do better” way of thinking and this video humorously points out that just saying “Stop It” to ourselves and others isn’t a remedy for sin. When we are simply trying to modify our behavior in our own effort and fail, we try to work even harder and find a different formula or way of doing things to make it work out differently next time. This leads to deeper shame and a feeling that we have let God down or that He is disappointed with us because we can’t deal with our sin on our own. The wonderful truth of the Gospel is that we are powerless to deal with sin on our own and God, knowing just how helpless we were, provided a Savior! Are you trying to deal with your sin by simply yelling “Stop It” or are you bringing the truth of the wonderfully scandalous Gospel into your struggle?]]>