Rethinking Addiction

“Opposite of addiction is not sobriety. Opposite of addiction is connection.” Johann Hari

In this powerful and insightful TED Talk, Johann Hari provides the research that should make us rethink how we have traditionally approached addiction recovery.

Consider these truths in light of the story of the Two Sons recorded for us in Luke 15. Certainly the prodigal had been behaving in typical addict fashion−reckless, irresponsible, self-centered. But the Father does not respond as the prodigal expected. The best the prodigal was hoping for was to be able to be one of his Dad’s hired hands−being restored as a son had not even crossed his mind. But it was the ‘kindness of the Father that led him to repentance.” (Romans 2:4)

At Route1520, we know that beating individuals up about bad behavior only leads to more bad behavior. We know that lasting change can only come through safe, authentic community where we are loved and accepted as we are. As we learn to receive love and acceptance from others, the truth of God’s love for us begins to sink in and shame begins to dissipate.

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