What is Our Concept of God?

Brennan Manning. Do you believe that God longs to hear the sound of your voice? What do you struggle to believe the most about the Gospel? How is our concept of God too small? ]]>


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    The G-d concept is inconceivable. To start with, you can't prove any postulate to be true; you only can prove a theory to be false if it is indeed falsifiable. Therefore, nothing can prove the existence of G-d because you cannot know infinity from a finite perspective and the G-d concept is not falsifiable. However, there is a way to demonstrate with geometry the process of intelligent design creating something from nothing; which is a contraction of the infinite to the finite as true nothingness is the infinite realm that exists beyond what is knowable. For example, the point identifies an exact location in space yet it has no dimensions and therefore has no physical existence. Consequently, if you touch a surface with the tip of a needle you are covering an infinite number of points. Yet every measurable physical structure is a conglomeration of lines connecting one zero dimensional point to another defining that which cannot be measured as the start of everything measurable. Therefore, the point is a geometric key to understanding the concept of G-d creating something from nothing.