Spouses of Addicts If you have discovered unexplained pornography on your husband’s computer, find yourself worrying why your husband is late yet again, or wonder if your husband is doing something sexually inappropriate, you are not alone. At first, we might wonder why we would need community around these issues because our husband is clearly the one with the problem. If he would just get fixed, our life would be great, right? Route1520 Recovery Groups for Spouses offer a safe place for women to find support, care, direction, and prayer in community with other women who know first-hand what they are going through. Our groups provide authentic, transparent community and open discussion around our deepest fears as a woman. Women Who Struggle Men are not the only ones that can develop compulsion with sex or pornography. A recent survey of Internet porn use reported that almost 40% of the traffic was generated by females. Route1520 does not currently offer any Recovery Groups for Female Strugglers, but we are actively seeking female group facilitators who could lead a such a group. Join a group and meet other women who are finding healing and freedom in their particular situation.]]>